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    Drunk Police Office Smashes into a Sea Doo.

    Now this is a strange story. I can not tell if it's a boat called sea doo or a sea doo. You decide.

    Los Angeles police Officer David Guzman has been "assigned to home" after being arrested on Saturday in connection with a major-injury boating accident in Monterey County, according to a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.
    Read the story here.

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    I bet it was a Sea Doo boat and the reporters saw "Sea Doo" on the side of that and thought that is what the owner named it... LOL!

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    I hope they fry that p.o.s.

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    Los-Angeles' finest

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    That everbody's finest

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    I had a OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) officer crash into my RXP with his RXT. At Podahawk PT on Lake Erie during Podahawk weekend thousands of boaters go to this huge sand bar and basically party for one weekend a year. There is a lot of drunks that weekend and therefore a huge Police presence. Early in the day we were talking with these two officers who have RXT's in there fleet. Basically just talking about our skiis. We say bye and go our separate ways. Nice guys........ I thought
    At the end of the day we go to leave and as we are walking/pushing our skiis through the maze of boats and this women is calling to us. Thinking she just wanted a ride, I ignored her as people all day long wanted rides. Plus she was not pleasant to the eyes anyways.
    My brother in law briefly talks to her and then starts looking at his machine and then tells me to look at the side of machine, and sure as shit there is a 2 inch gash where there used to be gel coat. Luckily the fiberglass was not punched, but the gel coat was badly cracked for roughly 8inches on length by 3 inches wide. This lady then said two cops on seadoo's drove by and the one crashed into my ski. My ski was anchored and we had 4 machines tied in series, so how the hell did he not see 4 machines? He was probably staring at all the eye candy and crashed into my machine. The bastard just drove off , not leaving a note or anything.
    So I drove around until I found the two, as there was only two on sea-doos and confronted him. He admitted to it and said he did not realize he did that damage and apologized. We filled out an incident report and his sargent told me to contact him on Monday at such and such office. To make a long story short I had to call 5 or 6 different detachments and there was no record of this. Finally some desk lady heard of the incident because I guess all this guys co workers mocked the crap out of him, so she gave me his name, badge number, and detachment. Also his staff sargent. I called the staff sargent and then they finally called me on the thursday saying they'll pay for the damage through their insurance. The damage repair bill came to $700.00 for that two inch gash. Caljet did awesome work and you can't even tell.
    What really pisses me off though, is that if it was the other way around I would have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.
    On a positive note I asked Caljet to replace the 04 side decal with the 05, and both sides were replaced at the OPP's expense! THX

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    Talking damm cop's

    Well my heart goes out to you and you are so right if it was the other way around you would have been charged all i can say is good for you and it's nice to see justice at it's best ,

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    Good police work on your part!

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