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    testing and ignition coil???

    How would I test an ignition coil? Im thinking I may have a problem with the #1 coil. Ohh and this is a 2005 GP1300r with timing key, head work, vf2's, plenum, plate, grate, and some small things.


    3 weeks ago my ski wouldn t crank and the cdi would click where that coil is located. after a little while it cranked back up and ran fine.

    Then last weekend at mudbug I pushed off the dock at the crawfish boil and it was hard to start and when it did start it acted like it fowled a plug or was missing really bad. Had to be towed back to the dock. Checked plugs, replaced just in case-- same problem. Checked compression and all was good 160-160-155.

    So today Im going through it and just testing some parts. I took my tach and checked the pluses on each wire. On the back two jugs I would get 1600-1610 steady, on the front jug it would fluctuate between 920 to 1160 to 1620 and back. I could wiggle the signal wire for the tach and it would go to 1600-1620 but would start jumping around.

    I have a friend who has a spark tester so I will be borrowing that to see if it is the coil or not. Is there another way to test it?

    Thanks for any info!
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    any suggestions????

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    is the coil is bad the engine will crank anyway
    the click is the starer relay
    i will check the batery conection ( clean the conectors )
    these sound like a bad batt con or a bad batt

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    At first I thought i may be the battery also. Its fine. New, full charge, checked load while running and all was fine, all termilas tight and clean.

    I thought it was the starter relay in the CDI also. But when I opened it ther sound was coming from the coil. But after letting ti sit for a few hours it crankd up like nothing was wrong. Very weird and hard to diag.

    any other info would be great...

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