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    engine damage to capsized 15f?

    So i had some buddies with me out on the lake on my 15f. Long story short they didnt let go when it started tipping and guess what it tipped (first time ive ever seen or heard of a 15f getting flipped). We got it flipped back over, but did it counterclockwise which is the wrong way (didnt know it at the time). We had to start it to get back to shore, and it started fine (looking back at it that was a really stupid decision) but had a weird vibration. At this point I thought something was really screwed up. However it wasnt beeping at me or limiting rpm (i assume it would if something was terribly wrong). The vibration gradually got better and was gone after about a minute. I made it back to the ramp traveling at probably 30 mph. I wanted to see if it was messed up so I took it out by myself really fast and did a near top speed run. It still gets up to where it should, but I still think its sounds a little funny, but it may just be me being paranoid. The oil isnt milky either. My real question is what could have caused the vibration that went away. And do you think my ski is ok if it can still run up to top speed?

    I did pull the plugs though to look around though i wasnt sure what i was looking for. They all looked fine except the gapping on one was a little bit off. Oddly enough, the top of the cylinder with the misgapped plug is darker than the other three. Im wondering if it was just running rich in that cylinder and that caused the darker color, or if it is something worse.

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    The shaking sounds like a cylinder misfire.
    Water could have cause the plug to stop firing briefly.
    It`s always best to run the ski after a rollover (when you roll it back the proper way) to clear out any water so it cant damage the engine.
    So run the ski for about 10 minutes at least. Then you can fog the intake to lube it just to be safe.

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    Thanks that makes sense. So everything is fine though now that its not misfiring anymore right. I dont know much about how much water it takes to damage an engine, so i guess you are saying that only a little got in, not enough to lock it or bend the rods or anything, but just enough to stop the spark for a few revolutions?

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    it doesnt take much water at all. but as said its probably a misfire from alittle water getting in. dont worry to much unless vibration starts again or you have problems. when i was testing intakes and used a riva setup i ingested quite abit of water. luckily no hydro lock and no futher problems and as of last week i had a 70mph ski. everything should be fine just be sure to fog

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    When you say fog do you mean spray the lubricant in the engine bay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedjunkie418 View Post
    When you say fog do you mean spray the lubricant in the engine bay?
    No...Run the engine and fog the intake to lube the internals.

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    So i spray the same stuff into the intake that I spray on the engine and in the entire engine bay to prevent corrosion? What is the name of the stuff you used.

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