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    2005 speedster smoking

    Hey guys, inherited an 05 sportster with the sc 4tec.
    Backstory, the supercharger was loose and dangling last season. Pulled it, cleaned it ran on the hose fine. Put it in the water and the oil alarm went off.
    Limped it back home. Parked it
    Fast forward to this year.
    I got the boat out and pulled the filter and changed the oil. The filter was collapsed and full of trash.
    Is the oil filter housing supposed to hold oil when you remove the lid?? Mine is empty.
    I put the boat on the water, idles great, but when you give it throttle, it goes into limp mode and oil alarm.
    Checked oil, changed filter again in case any trash was still in the oil system.
    Did that, topped the oil off, ran good, but oil alarm went off and it started smoking.
    Any ideas or pointers??

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    was the trash in the oil filter composed of hard bits?..sounds like the ceramic washers in the blower let go, contaminated the oil system and damaged the oil pump.

    oil drains out of the filter compartment when the engine isn't running.

    put your hand into the blower inlet(engine off of course) and try to turn the well, it should not free wheel, if it does, pull the blower and take a clear pic of the gear end of the shaft and post that pic

    stop running the engine

    what is your level of mechanical experience?

    most likely if the above assumptions are true the engine is going to have to come out. It could be severely damaged, which would explain the smoke and low oil pressure

    at the least the ceramic bits will have to be recovered, oil pump replaced and supercharger rebuilt. the main bearings might be damaged too.

    you're looking at a couple of grand + labor at minimum

    is the boat cosmetically perfect?

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    Hey Pete, thanks for the reply.
    I pulled the supercharger, it looks pretty good. The washers look like they have been replaced.
    It appears someone rebuilt it at some point.
    I pulled the valve cover and spun it over, the top end is getting oil.
    I'm not sure what else to check.
    I read that it might be the oil pressure relief valve. Not sure
    What else to check.
    Also, what is a good amount of oil that they need back in it.
    We pulled 3.5 qts. Out of it. But it looked like it had some water mixed in it .

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    the trash in the oil filter is still a big concern. can you describe the nature of the debris?

    the oil pressure switches are known problem child-replace both of them

    one is at the front of the engine below the filler cap

    the other is on the starboard side of the engine under the intake manifold

    the collapsed filter and water in the oil might be a clue that the engine took water and wasn't fully boiled out. A collapsed filter will trigger an oil pressure alarm

    was the oil milky?

    I'd proceed with the two pressure switches ( on an 05 they are due for replacement anyway), and then some careful running for about 20 minutes, then check the oil again, pull the filter too just to be sure, they are cheap enough

    cut the filter up to check for debris, there could be remnants of the old ceramic washers still in the system ( you mentioned the blower was "dangling", so I assume it was removed and removed for a reason) and some of the smaller bits will make it's way to the filter and be trapped.

    as the switches are costly somewhat. if you have the ability to attach a mechanical oil pressure gauge there is a plug at the rear of the cylinder head for this purpose you'll know pretty quick if there is an oil pressure problem or a bogus alert

    the switches themselves fail all too often to be trusted.

    smoke could be excessive water in the exhaust, is there a petro smell to it or just white smoke?

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    Hey Pete,
    The trash looks like maybe a shop towel or paper fiber type of material in the filter.
    I changed the filter again and it had less of the material in it
    The water was very milky. I work on cars as a hobby, and looking at the oil, I would say blown head gasket. But the boats are a different animal it seems.
    I will replace the sensors, maybe it will help out. I'll get a manual gauge also.
    The super charger appeared to work loose from the housing , sorry if I misled you lol.
    I tried running it again for a quick minute. The oil level dropped again, I've put about 4.5 quarts in it so far.
    And its milky again..this thing is tricky to figure
    Pete, thank you very much for the help

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    just treat the 4-tec motor like any three cylinder car engine, all the principals are the same with the exception of the cooling for the exhaust system the engine coolant runs thru a heat exchanger under the jetpump in a closed system

    so the next steps , before you drop a dime on this boat, is to get a mechanics stethoscope and a radiator pressure tester and pressurize the cooling system and the intercooler.

    The intercooler runs on lake water provide by a pressurized take off at the jet pump.You'd certainly notice a coolant leak, assuming there was coolant in there and not plain water, hence the pressure test on the cooling system.

    The stethoscope will help you narrow potential leaks. insert it in each plug hole when pressurizing the system and listen for hiss/gurlgling. you'll find the pressure spec on the expansion tank pressure cap. Typical cautions apply if the engine has been run recently. Blown head gasket is a definite possibility

    you'll need a shop manual, they aren't hard to find.

    at the bottom of the oil filter housing you'll find a small opening that leads directly to the area where the oil pick up is. get your oil suction tube down there and see what comes up, oak island ish.

    it's not very likely a shop rag would get past the oil pump screen, assuming the screen is actually in place that is. anything is possible

    starting to look like your best move may be to pull the engines PTO cover for an exam.

    it's possible, but not suggested to do that without pulling the engine, but you have a bit more working room in the boat application, if you are small and flexible its doable, but painful.
    200+ pounder are best off pulling the engine, getting it ready to run and then reinstalling it. Depends on what shop facilities are available to you and the ease of getting the boat in an out of the water

    for the sake of your experimentation, you can bypass the intercooler by connecting its hoses together in the front of the engine to take that potential source of water right out of the equation.

    stock up on some cheap oil, for the sake of this work, the cheaper the better, since it's likely to become contaminated with water anyway.

    some videos of the engine running and the smoke can be very useful here. run with the oil fill cap off and comment on the amount of smoke coming out from there.

    you'll find plenty of great info and lots of pictures of getting this sort of work done on the forum, and you'll need it as I mentioned you won't find a dealer who will touch your boat these days

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    Hey pete, thank you for all the information.
    I'm going to attack it using the outline you have provided.
    I'm going to get a few things and then move forward
    I'll keep you updated with what I find.
    Thank you very much

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    don't forget some pics of your inheritance, some backstory on the grantor will just make it a bit more interesting

    I inherited a couple of guns from my father in law when he passed, some great stories to be told about his "deer hunting" rifle, which was never loaded.

    Yeah, there were poker chips and a couple of decks of playing cards in the gun case when I got it.

    deer hunting my ass, my wife tells me her mom suspected, but never actually asked what he did on those trips as he never came home with any meat.

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    Hahaha, yeah its not quite as crazy as that.
    it might make it better tho.
    The gf bought this thing a few years ago. Apparently before i got here she was on the water and it sucked up some trash, ran hot or started smoking. She doesn't remember if it was steam or smoke.. Sooo I get a little more info the further into the boat I dig...
    I'll try to get some pics of the boat uploaded pretty soon.

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    hey pete, I finally got a few minutes to look at the boat again. changed filters and oil, took it to the harbor and let it idle around. it was doing really good, then it made some noise. to me it sounded like some valve train noise, its hard to tell tho. but it got quiet and then the smoke show started. It acted like it was sucking oil and burning it quickly.
    limped it on the the trailer, very oily at the drive.
    I looked at it again today. Changed the filter, not much trash in the element, but white smoke is everywhere. I'm goiing to attatcha pic of the underside.
    I guess I will pull the motor and look into it, I got a manual for it, so it should help.
    Noticed that the supercharger is pushing oil thru the throttle body. it might be part of the problem. not sure, but I think its time to pull it apart.

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