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    2019 GP1800R Check Engine Light and warning light

    I just brought home on Saturday a 2019 VXR and a 2019 GP1800R. Both new machines.

    I was messing with them today trying to understand how to put them in the 'L mode' hoping it will help me keep them under control when I go to first ride them and break them in (I know it doesn't limit the RPM as low as recommended for break in).

    On the VXR, all is well and I put it in the mode.

    On the GP1800R, the dash lights up with a blinking check engine light and blinking warning light. (Went it to L mode just fine).

    The machine has 0 hours. And the dealer 'prepped' them before I picked them up.

    I'd like to take it back and raise he!! with them, but its a 5 hour trip. So I'm hopeful it is something simple I can check on my own.

    I disconnected the battery for 20 minutes or so hoping a re-boot would clear it, but no luck.

    Any thoughts for me???


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    The GP1800 has not yet been in the water?

    How long did you allow the engine to run dry, on the trailer?

    You may have triggered a short term overheat warning.

    Restart the engine TWICE (let it idle for maybe 5 to 10 seconds each time), see if the dash warning goes away by the third restart.

    At the launch ramp, keep it strapped to the trailer front AND rear. Submerge the jet pump intake. Remove the seat, start the engine. You can run it like this as long as you want. Make sure there are no issues around the engine. No smoke, no steam, no small water leaks.

    Make sure there is no debris around or under the watercraft. You can apply forward throttle, check steering. Be careful about using reverse or even neutral as that tends to stir up debris below the hull where the jet pump intake draws water in.

    Only float it off the trailer after you have confirmed all is good.

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    Correct - never been in the water.

    I had not actually started it at all to this point.

    So I did 2 starts as you suggested. It's gone. New owner paranoia I guess!! But I didn't want to take it to the lake and have a false start. If something was wrong, I'd rather deal with it sooner than later.

    And thanks for the advice on things to check over when I first go to launch them.

    Any value in running them with a hose on the trailer prior to launching? Maybe find a loose hose clamp I missed in inspection? Maybe get that first 5 minutes of idle / less than 2000rpm break in done at home?

    Thank you!!!

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    You need to run the engine under load for engine break in. Its also not advisable to run on the hose for longer than a few minutes. The drive shaft and jet pump seals can heat up and cause premature failure

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