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    Yamaha VC110 Deluxe Problems. PLEASE HELP, Iím LOST

    I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THE DUPLICATE ďit wonít startĒ threadĒ but Iím dying here. Got a 2005 Yamaha VX100 Deluxe on a trade. Iím a wave runner virgin as this is my first machine. I know nothing about these things but can be handy with repairs if I know what Iím doing.

    My issues: The dang thing wonít start. It will turn over, with the assistance of a battery charger. I didnít have electric to the coil packs until I replaced the cam sensor. I now have spark to the coil packs but not at the plugs. Iíve replaced the plugs and all 4 coil packs. I manually tested the fuel pump and seem to have good fuel pressure and the pump seems to run fine. I have replaced the ECU / CDI box with a used, working one. I seem to have power to both sides of the injector plugs (which seems odd) but canít get them to ďpulseĒ when cranking and testing with noid light tester. When I put in the lanyard I only get a green security light for about 60 seconds but nothing else on the display and no ďbeepsĒ. The ski has the security box but I do not have the fob. It seems like the security is not locked. All fuses are good except I do tend to blow the very last fuse, yellow 20, when trying to crank it. It doesnít blow every time. There doesnít seem to be any pressure on the throttle that I know of to keep it from starting. I checked the wiring harness the best I could but some wires run underneath the engine, ground wire, that I canít see or reach to check. I did pull and check all connections that I could reach and used dielectric grease when plugging them back in. Compression on all cylinders is around 120 dry. Did a wet test and they came up to around 130. I know they should be around 180 but think once itís running they may come back to specs. The ski has been in salt water but I donít have much corrosion. The ski sat for at least a year. I did check the ďslant / rollover sensor and it seems to be moving freely. I have tried cranking with ether with no luck. It ďpostedĒ one t8me like it wanted to start but hasnít done it since. I know the battery is weak but it seems to turn over fairly good when using a charger. What am I missing? The ski repair places around my home wonít work on skis 10 years or older and the one place that said theyíd look at it couldnít get to it for at least 45 days. Iím just about to take this thing and bury it in the yard. Is it the battery? A relay? The security system? Bad dash? Wiring harness? A demon? PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. If youíre near Monroe, NC, Iíll pay you to come look at it.

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    Any reason none of you can help me?

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    You have a strange problem and seems like you did just about everything. A salt water ski that wasn't cleaned properly can make electrical gremlins that will drive you crazy. The ski should be giving a fault code. Members use this which is invaluable for diagnosing. It should be worth the money instead of trying parts. If the ECU wasn't from the exact same year and model, there may be problems.

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    Sounds like someone dumped there issues on you, yds1.33 and a shop manual,and multimeter are what you need, seems the physical motor is ok has even compression etc ecu wiring loom etc may not be these machines are very very sensitive to high impedance faults and bad grounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey6404 View Post
    . . . . Is it the battery? A relay? The security system? Bad dash? Wiring harness? A demon? PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. If you’re near Monroe, NC, I’ll pay you to come look at it.
    My vote, is a demon. Although we called them gremlins usually.
    Oh, and make sure that's a genuine Yamaha original MR1 you have in that ski . . . . as the engine has been out of production for many years, oem parts are rare, and WORSE... there are inferior cloned MR1's (read in - worthless) engines flooded the market.
    Also note, assume anything at this point. The previous owner might have had it a part and reassembled it wrong. The ECU is "smart" - it won't fire an engine that is 180 degrees off - and you'd need a shop manual to confirm it. Start with a YDS kit & laptop (as mentioned already) to see if any error codes are being logged.

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