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    2019 VX Deluxe warning buzzer, check engine, temp

    Hi all. New to the site and just picked up a couple used VX deluxe. One had warning buzzer come on, then the temp light came on. Went into limp mode. Put back on trailer and checked for clogged intake. All was good. Sat overnight and pulled the battery positive, warning light off. Pulled thermostat and checked it. Not stuck and opened when it was heated in hot water. Put everything back on, put in water and 10 min later...same thing. Pulled thermostat housing off after engine cooled. Backed ski into water and started. Water pumps through engine and out thermostat opening. Water not hot. Also when ski is running, water out of the pisser is not hot. But when you cut it off after buzzer went off and let it sit a few min. The water out of the pisser is hot. But not to hot to touch.
    Any ideas?

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    You ever get this resolved? I always worry what the ideal temp should be on my VX's.

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