Hi everyone, trying to figure out a stalling issue on my 96 Raider. 760, dual carb. When I bought it early in 2019, the motor was blown (like a 2 inch wide hole in the crankcase level of blown) so I put in an SBT motor. When I did that I rebuilt both carbs and re-did the fuel lines.

Last summer it was happening, and it's mainly at full throttle or when I get up over 45 mph on the speedo. I found a fuel leak from the on/off/reserve switch so I re-did all my connections over the winter and no longer have any leaks. Figured I'd be good to go and I had the same problems again this past weekend. It also is telling me I'm out of gas and out of oil. I removed the oil pump and did the block off with premix fuel but I left the oil tank in the ski with a half tank of oil so this wouldn't happen. Not sure if that's related but I figured I'd include that.

Typically starts right up after it stalls but it's not a great thing when I'm going 40 and it shuts off in the middle of the lake. I've taken to putting my hand up in the air to warn my wife so she doesn't run into me when it dies.

Any advice? Do I need to adjust the high/low on the carbs? I've heard it's possible the start/stop switch could be going, but it starts right back up and is at least always ready to hit start again, so the button is always working.

Thanks for any advice you can give, this was my first build of a 2 stroke and first work on a jet ski in general. Since then I've installed a rebuilt motor into the Polaris I purchased at the same time, that thing is so much more difficult to work on, I wish I had 2 Yamahas!