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    Diagnostic help for 05 Challenger 180 SCIC

    NB question and need help with diagnosing my issue. I just purchased a used 05 challenger 180 SCIC w/40 hours and I'm having issues with the top end speed. No problems getting into plane and accelerates great. RPM's only max out around 5k and I only top out at 25 MPH. Recently had it serviced (lube lines, changed oil and replaced spark plugs). According to techs the wear ring checked out okay.. but I think they just said that because they had plenty of ski's to work on. It doesn't cavitate. As far as the impeller goes... looks like the previous owner had it removed and sharpened. I did notice a very tiny nicks on the blades. Will replacing the impeller do the trick? Or do you think I'm having problems with the SC slipping?


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    Sounds like it could be the SC, easy to check, just remove the intake tube and see if you can turn it by hand, I wouldn't start it again if you think the washers have broken.

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    Usually the max RPM a 215HP SCICI engine can achieve is around 8100 RPM, if you can not get it past 5K, you most probably got something with the supercharger.

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    Yeah, but we know with the supercharger out of the equation, the engine will spin 6300 to 6500rpms. Not getting over 5K would have to be the perfect storm of no supercharger, clogged intercooler, bad gas, etc. It's possible to have multiple problems though, so definitely check that your SC impeller doesn't spin by hand.

    Is the engine running rough? (maybe one of the new plugs was not installed right)

    Is it just now doing this, since your service, or since you bought it?

    Dealers typically overfill the oil when they change it, which is bad for the engine and will make it run slower (but not 3K slower by itself). Oil level should be right at the halfway point between the two marks on the dipstick.

    Where is the throttle lever when you hit 5K? If there's a lot of play in that before the engine comes out of idle, it could be a simple as a throttle cable adjustment.

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    Very good points VX1...!

    IF you need something or need further info i got the ahop manual for that boat here on a CD, so i can help. But i think there is pleanty of knowledge around here so you should be able to get all the info you need here.

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    5,000 rpm is one of the two default limp home modes the ECM goes into when certain faults are detected. Is the check engine light coming on?

    Edit: should have looked at the op post date, looks like he found his answer elsewhere.

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