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    first PWC entry level: yamaha vs sea doo

    Hi guys, I'm new in the forum.. Andy from Italy, I'm thinking about purchasing a new PWC and looking for some advice..
    riding most on the lake, maybe once a year on the sea, I need enough space for 2 people, and looking for a low maintenance and affordable purchase. I've seen the :
    -yamaha ex sport,
    -sea doo spark 3up
    -sea doo gti 90hp
    that have mostly same price and same features.
    The yamaha is probably a little bit powerful, and the sea doo have the "plastic hull" despite the fiber glass of the yamaha ( tell me if I'm wrong).. so I'm a little confused about the real difference between them.. any advice will be appreciated


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    Are you familiar with PWC riding?

    How much riding time do you expect to do per day? An hour or two, or most of the day? How much distance?

    How heavy are the two people who will be riding (total weight range)?

    The hulls you have listed are generally on the smaller scale and riding with two people can vary from fun to ‘difficult’.

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    thanks for reply..
    yes I've ridden a yamaha vx and a kawasaki ( don't remember model name) couple of time during vacation, I'm just looking for a PWC for spending like 2 hours per day on the water, in the weekend, with friends and gf.
    distance is not that much, as I said before I planned to ride it on a lake.
    I'm 6.3ft 200lb, so I want to stay quite comfy and have enough space for enjoying the ride..
    I know I mentioned all entry level models but my budget allow me to get only one of these, and also Its my first PWC and I dont want to put too much money on it.

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    Well, lakes come in many sizes. I currently often ride a lake that is 40Km across and in the past we would frequently ride a very large lake that is about 250Km in length.

    Weekend riding on lakes often means lots of boat traffic all day going in every direction, which churns the water and makes for bouncy ride on a PWC. Especially a lighter weight PWC with smaller/shorter hull.

    With two people aboard if the water is going to often be choppy from other boats (or wind) then I would advise looking for the largest, longest length and perhaps heaviest weight hull you can afford.

    Choose the hull first to match the water conditions, and the rider total weight and comfort requirements.

    Then choose the engine power you need. Larger and longer hull and two passengers all point towards a larger engine.

    Do not shop primarily on price/cost. A ‘good price‘ on a watercraft type/size that you discover you do not enjoy riding is not a good deal.

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    You should go ride them if you can. but the EX is a much larger and more stable ski.

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