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    Triple pipe for GP1200 is it worth it and what mods do I have to do to get the most o

    Iím rebuilding a GP1200 and trying to get the most out of it. I hear triple pipes are a great way to go but Iím also hearing that thereís too many mods that have to be done to get the full potential out of it. What can I do to get the most speed out of this GP? Click image for larger version. 

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    Being a fairly new GP1200R owner myself.... I too have heard the triple pipe really wakes up this engine. I have read of a 70hp gain over stock. I am not 100% sure of what's necessary to reap these gains, but would imagine carb jetting is a must.

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    I’ve got a triple piper 1390 ported with black jack carbs advent CDI you name it I’ve done it to mine. It’s putting out 300 hp and 90 on gps. My advice is keep yours as stock as you can. It’s a money pit till you get it tuned right and all the stuff that it needs to wake it up.

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    As Mudslanger said , its a money pit for the inexperienced . Parts are getting hard to find , R&D made the best intake grates and Rideplates for the GPR and they retired from the business making R&D parts highly sought after and difficult to buy . I have 3 GPR's one with triple pipes and an Advent CDI and a Skat trak set back pump . All are part of the recipe for a fast GPR.
    However mill the head , mild porting , and do the Oside Bill carb mods and jetting . Find a Worx scoop grate and a Riva ride plate and a 14/ 20 concord impeller and you will have a 70mph ski .

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