If someone could help that would be great.
This is what I have.
1999 770r
Took it out of winter storage and fired right up! Ran great.
My son took it out to the water and found the water hose was not tite and popped off. Filled the boat with water and the engine heated up.
Brought it home, we fixed the hose, back to running great.
Took it back to the water ran fine all day!
Took it out a week later, fired it up at home to make sure it was fine, the engine ran real high revs! Killed the motor immediately!
Took it to the lake thought it was just because it was out of water?
Put it in started up with a little help (more ckoke then normal) after that would not run over 3100 rpms.
Seemed like at idle it was missing? but would not stall and would run up to 3100 rpms.
Took it back out put new plugs in, pulled the temp sensor.
The temp sensor out of the exhaust manifold. it measured open on an ohm meter.
I think that is what it is suppose to read. Applied some heat to it and the resistance came up on it.
If understand that correct, that is how it is supposed to work.
I did find out the fuel shutoff valve is not working? Dont think that is an issue. It pulls fuel no matter what position it is in, on , off, or reserve.
Started it up again on the trailer and revs like crazy! like the fuel is leaning out.
Dont know where to go from here. Everything seems fine?
Do I pull the carbs abart? This is so strange?
Also noted that when we had it out on the lake it seemed to smoke more than I remember, not a ton but you could see it.


I want my boat back.