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    HELP with 96 slt780 wont start

    tried to fire up my ski today and nothing but some click in the electric box. bought a new battery and same thing. pulled the jet pump and was able to insert the drive shaft and the crank will turn so not seized. whats my next step. i was thinking to try to jump the started to see if that is the problem. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    If the motor is free (turns over) and you know the battery is good / fully charged then there are only a couple possible issues.

    1) starter solenoid is bad
    2) starter is bad

    The solenoid is most likely in the ebox. There are two large red wires going to it.
    >one of the red lugs should have 12+v constant - checked with a meter
    >one will have 0v with a meter
    >push the start button and the 0v lug should go to 12+v (if no then bad solenoid)

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