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    99 STX 1100 Bogging fuel filter locations? (service manual attachment for download)

    Ok guys I just bought this thing and the previous owner said it had an issue with it not getting full throttle.. He said it was running good then it started feeling like i would bog or just not run right...
    I only started it to see that it ran and brought it home. Figured it was a dirty carb and bad plugs.

    I did the oil injector delete, and also cleaned the carbs.
    I blocked the oil inlets on the carbs with caps and went over every electrical connector and cleaned them and used dielectric grease.
    I cleaned up the stater and magneto when I pulled the stator cover to remove the oil pump bearing. There was some water in there at one point because the oil pump bearing was wet and rusted just a little.

    I brought it to the lake and started it up and it boggs after 1/3rd throttle. I tried the choke and it died but it was warm all ready. I didn't try to run it with half choke though slipped my mind at the time.
    I ran it for about 10 minuites off and on and I did get it to run great at a little over half throttle in a sweet spot. It ran for about 8 seconds then started losing power like it was starving for fuel.
    I tried to repeat it and it would catch every few times and take off but start losing power after a few seconds.
    If I hold the throttle at full it runs like it's at 1/3rd throttle. Throttle cable is set perfectly.

    Any ideas? I think whatever the issues was it is still persisting from the last owner.
    I premixed the oil to 40:1 and I am attaching the plugs after almost 10 minutes of running.. I tried to switch to reserve and it didn't change the issue.
    COMPRESSION is 112-115 per cylinder.

    Also the speedometer isn't working it stays at zero although the rpm is fine.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    How do I get allerts to my email when I get a response here? It hasnt been working on my earlier posts. I do have it checked in settings to receive them.
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    Well, it certainly looks like the plug that is white either isn't getting fuel. If you continue to try running it like that, you'll be rebuilding it very soon.

    Time to open up the carbs and clean the trash out of them, as well as the fuel rails. The fuel filter may be plugged up, and the strainers inside the fuel tank, too. I remove those and put hose of the same length on the siphon tubes.

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    Hello thank you for the quick reply.
    Yes the plugs well 2 looked lean.. I was concerned and it did feel like it was starving for gas.
    I did clean the carbs and blow them through with the air compressor. They weren't that dirty but I will do them again. I want to be safe.
    I did not clean the fuel rails... I take it that is the plate on the side with the fuel inlet? I am sending a picture to be certain.. New to jetskis but know dirtbike and motorcycle carbs well.
    I did pull off the fuel return while it was running and it looked as if it was flowing nicely.

    Can you explain a bit more about the fuel tank strainers? Are they notorious for clogging or something? You remove them completely and just put hose that runs to the bottom of the tank?
    BTW. My fuel filter is brand new.. It looks like a pain in the ass to get the fuel tank out. Where are the strainers located exactly do I need to remove the tank? Sorry for all the questions really appreciate your time the family is excited to go tubing I am hoping to figre this out soon..
    Thank you again!
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    After 10 minutes of running on new plugs, the middle plug is what i would expect the to look like. The black one looks like it's way too rich, the white one looks too lean, but 10 minutes isn't much run time.

    How did you clean the carbs? Be careful with using an air compressor, you can tear stuff up. Did you disassemble the carbs? The fuel rails are the 4 tubes between the carbs. Dirt collects in the ends and they need to be cleaned. New O-rings, too. The same O-rings are used on the bottom of the inlet valve seats, so buy 3 extra (19 total).

    By lean, I'm referring to the fuel/air mixture, not the fuel/oil mixture. 50:1 is about right on the oil mixture, but I prefer oil injection myself.

    The 'side inlet plate' is the fuel pump. To service the strainers in the fuel tank you have to remove the pickup assembly from the top of the fuel tank. I haven't done one on a ZXi, so I don't know for sure what all needs to come out. to get to it.

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    I opened the carbs and used carb cleaner in the jets I know not to spray it on the diaphragms or o rings.. I just lightly used the air compressor in the jets and fuel line to make sure they were clear. I did look up to see that the side plate I pictured is a CASE-PUMP part number 59336-3715

    I found a service manual and see that htere may be another fuel filter.. I will attach the pictures. I need to locate this fuel filter before I go any further.. So I may have linke dthe pics of the plugs upside down.. The rich plug was first inline of the fuel inlet. The one that looked good was second. And the lean one was last in the chain which makes me think its just an issue with it getting enough fuel to the carbs from possible that other fuel filter. I am hoping this is the case and I don't have to pull them back off.
    Gooing to try to attach the service manual in the post.
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    I used an auto fuel filter I wonder is that is part of the issue now that I am running premix through it? Hmm...

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    That parts diagram is for the wrong 'Ski! That's for a fuel injected 1100, your's is carbureted.

    Did you remove the needle valve seats and check/clean the screens underneath them?

    At least you can buy some of the fuel pump parts: 43028-3713

    Here's the correct parts diagram for your fuel pickups: http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....asakipwc&a=117

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    Thank you for correcting me. There is 3 models for my ski when I search for it and I never know which one it is. I am going to pull the carbs tomorrow and pull the carb fuel pump off to examine it and clean it. I am going to try to clean the fuel rains and see if I can find out where that screens are that you spoke of. Learning as I go here. It's a bit overwhelming when you can't find the right service manual or you think you have it and your working from it and its wrong. I will know more tomorrow when I get the carbs back ff.. I read that you ned to pull the engine to get the fuel tank off so cleaning the pickup may not be an option unfortunately. Sigh...

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    I don't know if you have to pull the engine to get the fuel pickup out or not. Sometimes the service manual will say to pull it, when you really don't have to. I've pulled fuel pickups/internal fuel pumps from: STS 750, STX 1100, Ultra 150, STX-12F, & STX-15X without pulling the engines. You may have to loosen the tank straps, drain the tank, disconnect the filler hose, and move the tank around to a better angle to get the pickup out.

    There should be a metal plate that goes between the fuel pump and the carb. It's not shown in the parts drawing, and it has no known part number. One of my STXs was missing it and I had a hard time locating one since there was no real description for it. This plate is critical for proper fuel pump functioning.

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    I pulled the carbs apart and I think I found a potential issue.. On the first 2 carbs closest to the fuel pump under the needle jet bowl there are 2 little jets..
    Now the last carb in the chain does not have this needle jet.. Did someone previously lose it, or is there not supposed to be one in there? '
    I can not see a listing in the parts diagram for these jets and I couldn't get them to blow, or tap out.. 2nd is the furthest carb from the fuel pump without the little jet
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