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    You need to buy the needle & seat, P/N 16030-3704.

    You may also need the arm, P/N 16055-3702; spring, P/N 92144-3764; and screw, 92009-3712.

    Here's a thread about the plate that was missing from one of my STX 1100s:

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    OK SO HERE'S THE UPDATE!!!! I pulled the case pump off and cleaned the hell out of it.. There are 2 safety that hold the pump together I opened it gently and there was quite a bit of dirt and sand in there.. I stopped at a local powersports mechanic and gave him 10 bucks to tell me if that fuel rail jet was supposed to be under the last needle seat. He couldn't answer that question, but said that it may not need it because it is the last in the chain of carbs. He said put it together and come back and he would vacuum test it.. It vaccumm tested perfectly at 17lbs before it rolled off or whatever he said, and he recommended to drill out the air fuel screws and run it 1/4 to 1/2 turn out richer then it was set at.
    Long story short.. I go home put the carb on and notice something when I connected the fuel lines.

    The pervious owner had the crank case vaccuum that hooks up to the carb on the fuel inlet instead of the frigging vaccuum in on the carb!
    He must have tried to clean the carbs and hooked it up wrong and got tired of messing with it before he sold it to me.. The strange thing is that it ran like that just poorly.. So this thing was getting fuel through the return enough to feed the carbs and run..
    I think the vaccuum was going into the gas inlet on the carb?.. So now I am wondering.. Was I flooding my crank with fuel??? It did burn a shit ton of gas in the 7 minutes that I ran it after I cleaned the carbs the first time.. Now I am thinkin gout loud... Yikes is there fuel in my crank now? It would be mixed fuel 40:1 in there..

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    Remove the spark plug wires and ground them. Remove the spark plugs and cover the holes with an old towel. Stand back and spin the engine over with the starter. If there is fuel in the crankcase, it will look like 3 geysers!

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    Excellent tip! Hopefully its dry in there, but we will see.. I will try this tomorrow and report back .. Thank you for all your help so far I really appreciate it bud!~ Have a great evening Cheers!

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    Keep us updated! Sounds like you could have found the main issue. Want to know where this ski ends up

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    Here's my plugs after 45 minutes of hard riding. The furthest one from the case pump look a little lean? It runs perfectly by the way.. No hesitation. Hits 7k rpm like nothing and pulls hard. Should I go another 1/4 turn on the carb with the lean plug? I'm all ready 1/4 out from stock on all carbs. Click image for larger version. 

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