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    2009 FZR Jet Pump Rebuild

    I pulled my pump cone off and found a little water and the grease is pretty nasty. I ran across an old post about an upgraded "gold" spacer that was put in later year models that helps with aftermarket props. I don't have a ton of hours since I've changed to a Solas prop, so I think I caught the problem pretty early, but I'm unsure what is recommended to rebuild it. Should I buy all new seals, bearings, and the gold washer (which appears to be unavailable) while I have it apart?
    Why does it appear some of the parts aren't available?

    Post "2" talks about the new washer. rings

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    You need this bearing and seal kit

    The upgraded spacer you need is part number 6BH-51348-01-00
    which is available in the GreenHulk Store under OEM parts

    Thank you for your business!

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    What's the deal with the O-ring in front of the spacer? (93210-30611-00) It doesn't appear on the 2009 parts list.

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    Not sure about the o-ring, but might as well rebuild the pump but read this first, very informative threads.

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