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    Speedo question

    I noticed my last couple times out that my speedo is not working like it did. Before it would always read on the high side but at least it would be consistant. Now when Im running a constant speed on the gps the speedo is giving me readings like 32, 67, 27, 42, 72, 80, 39, all within a few seconds and is mostly on the way low side except for an occasional high reading.

    I ignored it the first time out since I was using a different ride plate, but this last time I was using the same plate I used all last year at the same angle.

    The wheel seems to spin freely and sitting like it should. What do you guys think the problem is? I didnt mind when it was reading a little high and consistant, but when others ride it and say "it topped out at 37mph" it might get on my nerves.

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    When I still had a speedo, it would read different speeds depending on if I leaned left or right, while cruising a constant speed.

    I think it has to do with the ride plate.

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    I guess I would rather not have one at all instead of it telling me im going half the speed I am.

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    Give the speedo sensor a spray with Silicone lubricant...

    There is probably grit on the shaft that the wheel spins on...

    Otherwise the sensor is probably faulty?


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    Many times ours gets a bit of weeds wrapped on the shaft next to the side of the wheel, sometimes hardly visible. The wheel spins ok, but it must slow it down when turning in the water. It takes tweezers to get it all unwound of the shaft. Thats what always been our trouble when the speedos start reading slow.

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    Thanks guys, I will take another look.

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