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    SBT Cylinder head

    I took this engine out 3 times to figure out why the engine oil is mixing with water. Finally decided to take off valve cover. The picture is a SBT remand head out of the box with water pouring out of head into timing chain valley. I have been rebuilding PWC enginea for the past 10 years i would not recommend SBT!
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    Do you call them? I’m sure it has a warranty

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    I find a few things odd here.

    ten years lurkin...
    being in the pcw industry for ten years, but the very first post tells me that you don't know enough to pull a valve cover to check for a simple mistake like forgetting a head bolt?
    hawaii powersports doesn't seem to do any PWC business at all

    your post slamming SBT carries little weight, even if your head was bad and you're having some issues, anybody buying SBT products know its a high volume low cost supplier and in this business you get what you pay for

    When I sell an SBT engine to somebody, I give them the facts and tell them that while the engine has a no fault warranty, my work doesn't and unless its failed due to MY fault, they will be paying labor after 30 days.

    so whats the actual story here?

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    the OP sent me a short video direct, yup there is a pretty big problem with that engine now. Looks like it's running on a hose with the cams out and water is just gushing everywhere. Since SBT sells this head on exhcange only it's an OEM model, not one of their own creations

    and apologies to

    cause the OP is without a doubt not those guys, my bad

    as always, we're ready to help here, but it looks to me that either the block is cracked, there headgasket or some o-rings are is missing or some other major shizz is going on. Engines that need replacement heads typically have had a traumatic event, like overheating. Kinda doubtful they would miss a head with a major fault, like a water jacket issue , but hey anything is possible.


    want help?..some full details on the events leading up to that video would be a good place to start

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