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    Trailer question

    Hey guys! I have a trailer with the small
    wheels and tires on it and I was just wondering if they would make it a 300 mile trip or would I need to upgrade to a bigger tire and wheel ? Click image for larger version. 

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    Everything depends on age, condition and maintenance.

    What age are the tires? Any tires beyond seven years old (DOT sidewall date code) should be replaced with new tires, regardless of tread depth. This includes the spare.

    Are the tires rated for the actual fully loaded trailer weight?
    Are the tires inflated to the maximum pressure printed on the sidewall?

    What highway speeds will you be towing at?

    Axle hub bearings? When were they last checked for wear?
    How long since they were last re-greased?

    Suspension and other bolt hardware? How rusty, weakened or fatigued?

    Electrical System? Clean connections, well sealed or generally open exposed contacts, corroded?

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