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    Speakers on Yamaha Question

    I was wondering what the best option is for mounting speakers on a 2016 VXR. Is it a good idea to drill holes in the hull? Iíve heard horror stories with that.. Is there a set of loud waterproof bluetooth speakers that can be mounted wothout dilling holes or at least minimal drilling? If anyone has any good info or ideas please let me know.

    P.S - something loud that you can listen to while actually riding at higher speeds

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    there is a speaker bracket that mounts to your steering , search Yamaha vxr speaker bracket , I would post it here but not sure what the rules are regarding that , it basically hold a tube style bluetooth speaker requires no drilling , my buddy has the ones that mount on either side of the speedo on the plastic cowl and are held by ram mount balls, they are nice and loud but around 300 bucks and have to drill a small hole nothing crazy

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    Costco deal over but can find refurbs for ~ $30 and new ~ $40 a piece online last I checked. They were audio package 19 FX speakers. Mounting info in thread.

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    The "best option" - yes, custom install, drilling holes, etc... Yet, hearing horror stories?? Hmmmmmmm. Well, it's not like you'd be drilling holes below the water-line. Aka, above the water line, we are simply talking splash-resistant really... and honestly, even with a degree of free-styling and moment of submarining, I'd say the front hatch cover and seat would contribute to way more water intrusion, than a few 3/8th inch holes for speaker hardware & wires.

    Listening too while riding ?? That will need some power for sure! For that I'm seeing 1) an amp and 2) "decent" set of speakers, thus not seeing any add-on handle-bar rig (unless being really gotty-big) being able to handle that. I'd lean toward a professional-looking install - drill the hull. And about that... depending on speaker mounting options, if you follow a few rules here ... drill a hole just big enough for the diameter of the bolt. Yet if you are paranoid, perhaps add some 5200 and/or a rubber washer on either side (inner & outer). Same goes for the hole for the wires..

    After-thought here... what about some water-proof bluetooth ear-buds maybe ?? Probably your best option for music while cruising as engine and wind are quick to drone that out.
    Hey, maybe a helmet with speakers (do that make that??). .

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