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    Stock 3-Up Trixx impeller

    Hey everyone, just want to start off by saying this forum has been super helpful. Recently I let a friend borrow my 2019 Seadoo Trixx 3-Up w/ the 900 HO. He ended up running it too close to shore and sucked up a bunch of rocks. Long story short the impeller, wear ring, and vanes on the impeller housing are toast. Im looking into upgrading the prop as i need a new one anyways. Im torn between the Solas 12/17 and the Solas 12/15. As of now im not looking to tune it but that could change down the road. Im more interested in low end power but dont want to take anything away from the stock speed. I know a lot of people recommend the 12/15 with a tune but will i be missing out if i keep it stock for the time being?
    Appreciate any advise!

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    Solas 12/17 works with stock and stage 1 Riva tune. You should also get a SS wear ring to go with it.

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    Thanks, I ended up ordering a 12/17. Anyone know where I could get a pump housing used? New housing is looking like its going to set me back $400..

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