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    Yamaha VX -08 wont start code 13


    My VX deluxe -08 will crank but not start. No spark at the moment. I have checked with YDS and get code 13 for pickup coil. The resistance for the pickup coil shows 500 ohms, so it should be ok. I have also mesured the resistance for the wires for the pickup coil and they should be in good shape according to the measurements. Is it possible that the problem is not in the pickup coil but somewhere else in the ignition system even though YDS shows code for pickup coil or any ideas where the problem could be?
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    Not an issue I have seen check the ecu end in case of corrosion or dry joint on ecu. The coupler looks clean? May need to roll motor over and see if coil is reacting.

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    Thanks for the reply. When I roll the motor I can see that the coil is reacting with a multimeter. I dont have the equipment to measure the peak voltage. Do you mean I should open the ecu to check for dry joint? This jetski has only been run in freshwater. 120 hours on the clock.

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    I have now measured the peak voltage from the pickup coil and it is 12-13V while cranking. The stator gives a peak voltage of 10-11V while cranking. Measured also voltage regulator output and it is 0V when cranking. It should be OK?

    When cranking the fuel pump is turned on. Should this mean that the security system is unlocked or is the fuel pump indipendent from the security system.

    When I do the spark test with YDS there is spark.

    Any ideas what could be wrong when there is no spark when cranking. ECM, security sytem or voltage regulator?

    When checking with YDS slant detection shows OFF. Main realey shows ON. Overheat waring OFF.... all the values should be good according to YDS.

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