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    2000 Polaris virage 700 red engine

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a 2000 Polaris virage 700 and all I was told is it was not getting spark to the spark plugs. He said all he did was replace the ignition coil and gave up after that. Iíve tested the brown wire coming out of the cdi box and itís testing between 7-9volts so its supplying power to the stator. Then I tested the brown wire leading to the stator with a 9v battery, positive to the wire and negative to engine ground. Still no spark. So im
    thinking the stator must be bad, but am not 100% sure and want to be before I buy a new one and put it in. I tested the ohms of the black wire coming from the stator while all the wires from the stator were unplugged and it was at 1.7ohms. Iíve been looking and seen in these forums it should be testing 0.0 or less than 1ohms. Anyone know of this is a good reason to think the stator is bad?

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    Welcome. Further testing may be required.

    There are specific tests for the Hall Effect sensors. Just hooking up the 9 volt battery is not a complete test for the Hall Effect sensors.

    This link provides a lot of info, including checking the Hall effect sensor on a Gen III ignition red engine.

    Be aware that by far the most common cause of no spark is a 12 volt battery that is not quite strong enough. These red carb engines require a really strong battery. AND, often, a working LR module Orange wire output.

    Do not be using an external car battery or jumper pack. Install a healthy (new) proper sized watercraft battery.

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    Thank you for your help, Iíve seen a bunch of your posts and theyíve helped very much.

    I will get right in checking those the Hall effect sensors. Iíve checked the battery multiple times while cranking and itís around 11v. That is the most common thing Iíve seen in these forums for sure. One more question before get to those sensors, you said a working Lr module orange wire output. When I got this ski the wires are as in the picture the orange one on the left was electrical taped off. Is that wrong? Should it be going somewhere? Also there is a grey/red wire not connected to anything. Thanks for all the help.
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    Yes, the orange at the top of elect box needs to go to the terminal board. It powers the bilge pump when engine is running.

    In like 2001, Polaris had trouble with most CDI not shutting off/waking up.Causing a warm RESTART issue, not starting. The fix was to run the RED/PUR CDI power wire to the Orange terminal. That forced CDI to shut off-turn on when wanted.
    If you have a no-restart issue, should think about doing the "fix".

    grey/red was used on 1200cc engines. Not used with the 700cc engine.

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