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    MSX 110, Need some help- Low RPM, low speed

    Hey guys,

    So 2 weekends ago I started having some rpm limiting issue. I cut the ski (MSX 110) off for a few minutes and was able to get home with no more significant issue.

    Fast forward and I have changed the oil and filter, added coolant, and changed spark plugs. This weekend after being on it for about an hour it first started bogging down but would clear up if you let off the gas and reapplied. Eventually it just limited to about 3500 rpms and 6 mph no matter how much throttle you gave it, so I ended up towing it home to prevent anything from getting worse.

    Any ideas what this might be? I've read some stuff about the boost solenoid but am really unclear on what my issue may be. All help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds like a failed SIFB module (mushroom looking module plugged in wire harness above battery, below main relay). When they die... and seems all the original ones are often dying... they affect starting, stopping, and engine max rpms because they falsely tell ECU the reverse is engaged so ECU cuts max revs to 3400.

    Remove SIFB module. Install paperclip in it's place... inserting the paperclip into the wire harness side connector. See if all your problems go away.

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    First of all ripcuda, you are the man and I thank you for your response. You are incredibly helpful to so many here and we are all lucky to have you sharing knowledge with us.

    I do have 2 quick follow up questions though. If the issue is basically that its limiting me because it thinks its in reverse (which is more or less what I was suspicious of since the manual says 3400 is the reverse rev limit), does the low speed make sense? I feel like in reverse I would get more speed than 6 mph, though granted I've never really tried to see how fast it will go in reverse for obvious reasons. Regardless I think the 3400 rpm and the fact that this appears to be an issue for many this appears to be my issue.

    Also, for jumping out those pins - are there any connectors or suggestions you have for ways to make sure the jumper stays put? Seems like it would be prone to falling out since its not designed for a jumper

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