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    Smile 05 Sportster LE maint. ???'s

    I'm new here. Just bought this 2 stroke (single engine) and need help with a few maint. questions.

    Where and how do I check my counter balance oil? How do I top it off?

    Where and how do I lube my PTO? How often?

    Where and how do I change my pump oil? I know it's a 2 stroke but looked here on the forums and it says to change the oil filter from time to time too?

    I read that someone does engine flushes whether loaded out of salt or fresh water. How do you do this flush?

    I can/do work small stuff on engines as needed but need to be pointed to the location and help with these items. I want to keep her running good. This is my first Jet boat so any other help is appreciated.

    I will take it in for scheduled maint. It's this in between stuff I need to learn.

    Thank you all.

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    There is a plastic cover at the rear of the engine; remove it and you'll see a grease fitting (zerk) on the pto, give it a pump or two just until you see the boot move a little.

    The pump oil is in the cone at the rear of the pump, remove the reverse bucket and nozzle iirc, then there are three allen bolts securing the cone. Make sure you get a new o-ring along with the pump oil.

    There are two flush connectors, easiest way is to use the one next to the pump on the left iiirc, you need a flush connector to atttach to your garden hose. Number one thing here: the water can never be running when the engine is off. So, start engine, turn water on run for 3 minutes max, turn water off, then turn engine off.

    I didn't own mine long enough to find out about the oil filter or counter-balance oil, I'm sure someone else with more experience on the 951 will respond.

    Don't take it in for maintenance, there is nothing they will do that you're not talking about doing already, besides spark plugs and a fuel filter, and they only take 5 minutes and thats if your trying to waste time.

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    Thank you. Any info on the counter balance oil check?

    How often should I lube the PTO?



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