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    Hard water spots on 20' Black FX

    We ride in a fairly dirty lake this time of year. Keeping black clean is already hard enough. These water spots are on another level. I know how soft this paint is which probably doesn't help.

    Any tips, tricks to cleaning them off and keeping them away? I've seen wheel acid to vinegar tips that may help and then ceramic coat?

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    I heard to try vinegar, I haven't had the chance to try it , but the best thing is to ceramic coat the ski

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    I've used a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water on my blue ski. It does work. Use my wife's old dish towels for wiping. I spray it on the ski and the wetter the towel is the better it dissolves the minerals. Wipe slowly and several times may be needed. I haven't tried the ceramic coat yet so no advise there.

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    I've used a couple of water spot removers now and Boat Bling "Hot Sauce" actually has vinegar in it, its got a funky smell but it works super well 10/10.

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    Boat Bling "Hot Sauce"....also adds some uv protection...

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    I've had good luck with Hot Sauce, but this motul stuff is the bombClick image for larger version. 

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    One time I got water spots on a black ski it had (pulled it out of the water and didn’t dry it) got them off with rubbing compound (very easily came off) now I just spray my ski with spray on wax every month or so and never have water spots I also always spray my ski off and dry with a towel (no soap) after every ride. I have a black 15 fzs with 350 hrs and it looks brand new

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    I have the same ski - I had mine paint corrected and ceramakoted w/ the marine stuff. Simple wash takes it away, i've had a few spots here and there that i just turtlewax black magic spray detailer and it comes right up

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    straight vinegar works fantastic, just smells really bad.

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