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    Taking on water after top end rebuild

    My first rebuild, really my first time in a 2 stroke.
    New jugs/cylinders, pistons, rings, gaskets, the whole deal from SBT. Compression is great and it runs great.
    TONS of water in the hull when it's running. NONE when it's just sitting in the water.
    Had it on the trailer for 30 minutes, submerged as far as I could get it, not running, no water at all.
    Had it on the trailer, running, and as soon as I started it, the hull started filling. Complete guess, but at least a gallon a minute.
    Took it out of the water, put the hose on it and it looks like it's coming from below the cylinders, around where the exhaust manifold meets the cylinders. Maybe where the cylinders sit on top of the crankcase. Can't exactly see where.
    I'm assuming it's the seal between the cylinders and crank case or the seal between the cylinders and exhaust. I'm not sure where else water would be flowing.
    Nothing is obvious to me thinking back on the rebuild that I would not have tightened down or left out.
    Only 1 thing in my mind right now is the 4 bolts at the bottom of the exhaust manifold... it was difficult to get them tightened with a torque wrench, so I hand tightened them. The top 4 are good.

    Very frustrating as this was my first time doing this and it seemed to come out great. Then this.

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    Base gaskets on backwards? I’ve read somewhere here that’s a common mistake

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    Could be. Looks like I'm going to get back into it.
    So, the base gasket has an "orange ring" of what I guess is sealant on it. How does that get installed? On the exhaust side, up, down? What is the correct orientation for that gasket?
    What about the head gasket, how do you know what orientation to install it?
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    Are you sure you installed the cooling feed hose to the exhaust manifold? That's where the cooling water enters the engine at. If the base gaskets are installed incorrectly the engine will fill with water. There are tabs on them, they should face the exhaust side of the engine.

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    check the black plastic piece that feeds water to the metal exhaust manifold I have seen them crack and leak lots of water into the hull.

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    Take one of the outlet lines off or the inlet line from the pump and blow compressed air into it and look around in the engine bay for the air blowing out. Can also use a smoke machine. Sounds really dumb but I had a minor exhaust leak I couldn't find. Had a friend that "vapes" blow a cloud of it into a water line and found a pin hole leak in a hose in about 5 seconds.

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    I took the plugs out yesterday. There was definitely water in the plug sockets and on the head gasket. Got down to the pistons and they seemed slightly damp, but I couldn't "definitely" see water. I dried off everything I could with a clean cloth and cranked it w/o the plugs and didn't see any water coming out of the plug sockets. Put the plugs back in and cranked it for a few seconds. Didn't put it back on the hose yet.

    I'll check the exhaust cooling feed hose @butterbean, the black plastic piece that feeds water to the metal ex. manifold this evening @2fast4u (I hope, also doing a bathroom remodel).

    @spence, the jet pump, right?. I have some canned air I can use, and certainly an air compressor I could blow in there.

    Should I see water coming out of the cooling water pilot outlet on the left side while I'm running it on the hose?

    I had a hard time getting the pistons into the cylinders with the new rings, so going back down into that is not going to be fun (well, I enjoy it, but it was hard).

    I have to say that I really appreciate all the responses so far. It's really frustrating to rebuild this thing and it start and run so good, only to have this happen.
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    if you have water in sparkplug holes it is a base gasket problem more than likely. they are on wrong.

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    Thanks. That's my gut too after doing my research and these replies. Is it re-usable since it's only been on there for 2 days? Or just replace it again?
    Should I be fearful of water down in the crank? If so, what do I do? Just run it?

    Thanks again.

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    OK... so I got it all apart and there's definitely water down in the crank. I can see it below the rods.
    Also, the base gasket came from SBT... they said the orange sealant that is on the gasket goes UP, that's the way I installed it. But I put it toward the carb side, not the exhaust side. The problem is that the gasket cutouts, holes, etc. doesn't fit well that way. It fits better with the orange sealant toward the carb, so I installed it that way.
    I'm trying to get pictures uploaded here so you can see.
    Also noticed that the cooling water pilot hole that goes out the left side was clogged.
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