New member here and new to PWC looking for some insight.

Iím about to seal the deal on an 07 GP1300R with 90hrs from a private seller. The machine is very clean inside and out and seems to be well maintained (by a shop per the owner).

Compression tested good around 120-125psi on all cyl. Took it for a ride and it runs strong and smooth but it will not idle or stay running unless slightly on the throttle, just enough tho get through no wake zone at proper speed.

Per the owner this only started happening after some work was done but hasnít been enough of a bother to bring it back since it runs well otherwise. Work done was new solas prop and there was a problem with the computer so it was swapped out with a used one. Also plugs were not changed this season after de winterize and the ski didnít get used last season, so old plugs but they looked ok and it doesnít feel like any misfiring.

I work on and race Yamaha motorcycles so Iím familiar with engines but new to marine. Is this cause for concern? Does the idle get simply adjusted on these engines or could this be a throttle body sync needed after new computer? TPS maybe?

Iíve been lurking on here all day for some answers but donít see quite the same issue posted and donít want to pass up on the ski.

Any and all help is appreciated