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    2001 XLT1200 not starting after rebuild

    Hey everyone, im having a slight problem with my ski not starting this season (2001 XLT 1200). It ran at the end of last season but would not start this season, just cranks but no firing. I am able to get it running for a few seconds putting some fuel in the cylinders but it will not stay running. I originally thought this was a dirty carb issue so I rebuilt them (they actually looked very clean) and am still having the same problem. Im at a loss for what else to look for other than fuel filter or empty the tank and put fresh fuel in. edit- compression test is 117-115-115

    The ski does have the oil block off and D plate running premix. Any thoughts from the experts here?

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    Just wanted to post this just in case you are not starting in by the procedure. The easiest way to start a gp1200r is make sure the choke is staying choked fully wile starting and your holding the throttle wide open wile starting. But first pump the throttle about 15 to 20 times then try starting with throttle wide open. Only spin the engine about 5 seconds then repeat. Pumping throttle then holding it wide open with full choke. Then repeat. If it doesn’t start pull one of the spark plugs and put about a tea spoon of mixed gas and reinstall plug and wire and repeat starting procedure.

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