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    The dreaded 96 zxi 1100 bog

    Hey guys,

    I got a 1996 zxi 1100 that I have had some issues with bogging and dying. It only happens after running the ski at WOT for any period of time, after any amount of WOT the ski will bog heavily and sometimes even die when trying to accelerate again. This does not happen all the time, itís hit or miss, sometimes even feathering it doesnít help it still will die. I have rebuilt original carbs with OEM keihin parts, pop offs set, the whole shabang, new plugs, cut back wires, ski is 120 123 121. I recently purchased a set of carbs off a wrecked ski that supposedly had less then 20 hours on it, I was a sceptic but these carbs literally looked brand new. Issue still persists, rebuilt these carbs with oem parts, still persists. I have checked for leaks at the gaskets and have found none. Brand new accel pump diaphragms, get a nice stream in all carbs. Have messed with the low adjustments and really have not seen any difference either way I move them. Iíve heard people talk about these skis bogging because of the water back pressure in the water box, any thoughts?

    im out of ideas.


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    I want to know where you found new accelerator pump diaphragms.

    That said, perhaps you have a problem with tank venting or the fuel selector. Does it do it on Reserve? You might try bypassing the selector valve. Look for kinked hoses.

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    There was a guy selling them on eBay not to long ago. It was an exact match. I have opened the gas cap and tried it, nothing changed, I also have tried it on res, no prevail. I’ve been really looking into this for a while, I’d like to think I’ve tried everything haha. How hard is it to bypass the selector valve?
    So your thinking this is a lean issue? I was thinking possibly the carbs were flooding.

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    Very easy to bypass selector, pull the hoses off and route directly to fuel pump from tank. I would send reserve and main line from fuel pickup into T fitting, then into fuel filter

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    I can't remember, but your fuel selector is likely inside the tank, operated by cables.

    You may have to pull the pickups from inside the tank and check the screens. Better yet, remove the screens and replace them with rubber hoses of the same length.

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    Fuel selector is inside the the tank, I will pull and check it out

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    Bump, on res nothing changed, bypassed fuel selector, nothing changed. Never replaced the reeds. Is that possible?

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