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    300x Impeller + wedge install. Any tips?

    What's up guys? I just ordered a Solas 14/21 and 2deg wedge from the online store. I've checked most of the threads I could by searching but figured I would ask too. Any tips or suggestions for the install? I have e a shop manual and everything seems pretty simple. I'm not concerned or worried about the job itself, just curious of anyone has any tips that arent in the manual. Or of theres anything else I should do while I'm in there. I've had mu seadoo one apart countless times, it's just the 1st time with the Kawasaki. Any good tips/tricks? Anything I should do while its apart? Things I should seal good while I'm at it? Etc?

    Side note. It's a 2013 300x with approx 40 hours on it. All stock with free air mods and limiter removed. I'm currently seeing 79xx rpms with the occasional 8000 and a consistent 70.5 gps on a full tank. Anyone want to venture a guess on what it does after the impeller and wedge?

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    My guess = 71.5

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    any update on your #s ?

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    Sorry no update yet. The wedge was out of stock so I’m still waiting on it. I did get the impeller put in. It seems to hook up and pull a little better and rpms did drop a little but I’m unsure if speed has increased as the temps have gone way up here. I can for sure say speed has not lowered. 69.x mph about 2-3 weeks ago pre impeller and last time I was out I still saw 69.x mph with it. But there has been an air temp increase of about 20deg and the water temp has risen too. I’m going out a bit later today and will gps it and see what it does, but it’s 90 and humid so I’m not expecting anything great.

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    stock impeller is hard to beat,,, plus i found them way more durable than the 2 solas props i had. solas are more cavitation and leading edge damage prone. Most of the bolt on crap does very little for the ultra platform.

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    Agreed, there isn’t much gain with bolt on stuff for these at all. Just got back in from another ride. 2 riders(300ish lbs total) and a full tank, temp is low 90s with 60% humidity. 69.5 on the garmin at 7750/7800rpms. That’s 1 mph better than my last outing in similar/same weather with only 1 rider on the stock impeller at 8050/8100. The stock impeller was cavitating a little on acceleration but this one isn’t. Overall I’ll take it. Small gain but no more cav. Once the wedge shows up I’ll put it in and see what happens, I’m not expecting much.

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    cool temps and cooler water always = better numbers. higher heat, humidity and water temps along with heat soak really take a bite out of top speed runs...
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