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    Rough Idle and RPM loss

    Ok my issue is with a 05 Wake 155. After engine warm up idle drops to 1000 RPM and get very rough, plus I get a MAINT message on my display. The engine also tops out at only 6400 rpm vs the normal 7600. I have replaced all plugs twice, and replaced all coils and done all the preseason maintenance. I am stumped on this, with a dual issue problem. Tips?

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    I had similar issue with my spark plug coils. Replaced them and solved my issue I'm sure there's a way you can check them

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    Well that did not fix the issue I took the ski out yesterday and still same problem. This is just bugging me.

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    How old is the battery? It could be all caused with low voltage issues. Load test the battery and make sure its good.

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    battery is 9 months old, looks good I had a hard time starting on it on the river and it cranked the engine for over 30 seconds till I got the ski started.

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    Any codes?

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    I don't know how to pull codes on a 05 Wake. it just flashes MAINT on my display. no do I have the Sea Doo scanner.

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    Press the mode button 5 times for codes...i would run a compression check on the motor to make sure you have good compression...sea doo had had some issues with ecu on those models too...

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    ok TY. I will pull the codes and I am expecting my compression tool to arrive today.

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    Well no codes, I get the MAINT message and no codes are in the system it goes right to end.

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