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    2005 oiling issue

    My engine blew up a few weeks ago. A friend had a 2014 engine with low hours. I so decided to buy it and install it.
    Learned a lot about compatibility issues. So I'm using the 2005 front and back cover and because I learned the 14 crank is different then the 2005. So I bought a new 2005 crank so the timing would work.

    The f
    ront oil pump isn't getting oil. Getting a P520 code. I took the sensor out and no oil on it.
    I've had the front pump out three times and cannot see any obvious issues. No visible restrictions. I have the old block from the 05 and see that the oil feed runs from the rear near the left side below the supercharger hole. It runs directly to the from pump feed hole. When I lean the ski down some oil comes out but not a lot. Does the pump create suction to draw the oil forward?

    Now I can't figure out why the oil isn't getting to the front pump. Any help would be appreciated that would help me figure this out. I'm stuck. Spent a ton on it getting back running.

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    You could have saved a lot of money by simply drilling a new hole in the trigger gear to set the crank position sensor at the right location instead of replacing the crank. There is a great thread on here telling you how to do it. The oiling issue is interesting. I'm assuming your running the 14 head with the 14 block? mix matching heads can cause oil pressure issues. You sure you aren't just getting the code from a sensor or wiring issue mix matching things? I'm running an 05 front oil pump on my 07 block and don't use any of the sensors on the front oil cover. My block has the oil pressure sensor in the block under the intake. I'm assuming you rebuilt the oil pumps? No scouring on the covers?

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    I'm using the 14 main block and head combo. 05 front and rear covers. I tried using the 14 crank and had sensor issues even after I rotated the timeing crown to the right position. Got tired of removing the engine. LOL
    Cleaned oil pumps and they look fine. Sill after it.
    Ordered a new front pump. Will install as soon as it gets here.

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    The rear pto cover has a pressure valve in it and it screws in from the bottom of the pto cover.. if that valve sticks you will have an oil pressure problem..sometimes they have a 10mm nut on them...its a double plunger type with a spring under it...thats probably all that needs replaced...

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    I have oil pressure from the back pump. The cams are swimming... The front pump is starved for oil. No a lot of oil coming out of hole under pump housing. I'm waiting on a new front pump and while it's off I'm going to blow HP air into the hole.

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