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    The easiest way to pull the pto.. cover is with the engine out and it sitting upright with the cover facing up. When putting in back together the starter drive will sometimes get in the upright is the way to put it back on..

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    You really started it knowing you sucked a towel in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destructive429 View Post
    You really started it knowing you sucked a towel in?
    There's always a first time for everything. But, he'll never do it a second time.......

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    My son told me he had pulled one of out the supercharger hole. I put in 2 and removed one, plus the one he supposedly removed makes 2. So I put it together and started it.

    Before tear down I placed one in a cup of oil to get an idea on how much in size it was. I tore it all down and found both the front and rear strainers 1/3 blocked with paper towel and some small chuncks in the oil filter. Very few pieces were found around the flywheel and starter area. Only a few small pieces were also found in the oil cooler. Nothing was found underneath the valve cover, nothing under the oil pressure sensor, and the oil plug. Glad I did tore it down because I found some potential leaks that were soon to happen. The water pump oring was fixing to fail, the oring around the crank sensor was extremely corroded too. With all said I am glad I went further to inspect because I am able to fix a few potential issues now. Waiting on a few parts and to reassemble. Should be running by next weekend. All in all it appears that I have removed more paper towel than my test cup. Glad too see that and eyes may be deceiving but all should be good to go!

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    forgotten shop rags like operating room sponges will cost you plenty. paper towels have no place around engines. Period.

    A lesson learned I'm sure.

    on the bright side, you'll save somebody else the pain you went thru as they will think twice before repeating this unfortunate even.

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    I feel your pain. I'm working on a sunk rxp and I made the same mistake 2 weeks ago. Sucked one of those blue shop paper towels in when I was spinning motor with the starter to help change the oil. Ended up removing the PTO cover while it was in the ski. I can see why everyone says you want to pull the motor, but it really isn't necessary. Personally I didn't have a jack or a place to store the motor outside the ski. I just bought a power ratchet, disconnected the back left motor mount, then used ratcheting straps to pull the motor towards the handle bars which lifted it up and gave enough clearance to remove all the pto bolts. The PTO cover has a strainer for the oil pump which is what will clog from those towels. I should mention that we pulled a ton out just using a mity vac and oil dumped in the motor via the timing chain area. There was still enought to clog the strainer after we pulled the PTO. I just didn't want to chance a low oil pressure issue when I'm bouncing off the rev limiter hah.

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