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    Any clean heads for sale guys?

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    Dude, I really feel your pain. And it doesn't help that you constantly have this time crunch pressure on you.

    Are you determined to fix what you have?

    What did you pay versus what you think you could get for them? Any chance you could get out from underneath them for substantially less than you will pay to get them running?

    My wife and I were confronted with multiple crossroads this summer where we considered selling our pair due to our 1200 giving us constant shit. If not for the ridiculous amount of time and money we have into them, they'd probably be someone else's problem.

    If you can get a clean ski, doing the reliability mods to keep it healthy is comparatively cheap. Once you suffer an engine failure, shit adds up fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Ever heard of 'fogging'?
    Fogging does not coat the internal needle and seat and jets with oil ! Premix does .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Fogging does not coat the internal needle and seat and jets with oil ! Premix does .
    True! But that's not necessary!

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