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    Rxp255 coolant level

    Hi guys just got my first JetSki... 2009 RXP255 with only 34 hours on it as itís been garaged most itís life! When I bought it (3 weeks ago) I canít remember if the coolant bottle was full... Iíve since riden it and noticed the other day the bottle was empty so I filled it back up.. it only took around 600-700ml to fill it! Then took it out the next day for a few hours! When I got home I checked the coolant again and it had gone from the max line down to the min line.... thereís no coolant in the hull and nothing seems to be leaking! Could it just be that it wasnít topped up enough from a previous service and after me running it that It could have gone down a little once air bubbles came out? An advice would be appreciated as Iím new to jet skis and still learning.. thanks in advance

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    Hope it just was trapped air, but after two rides that should be all purged.
    Check the ride plate for leaks.
    Pressure test the system.
    If it keeps going down, its either leaking or burning it.
    Hows the oil look? Did it stay at the same level?

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