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    Question retro 420867951 RXP 260 Intake manifold on RXPX 300

    OK guy Ive got alittle project question... Ive been looking at both manifolds and it looks like the older manifold will work on my RXPX 300. It looks like all I need to do for the sensor on the 300 to work on the 260 manifold is do a simple IMUK from riva for the 300 on the 260 manifold that way the 300 sensor will be in the right spot and be a bolt sensor.

    Any one tried this retro? Reason I cannot locate a decently priced 300 intake manifold. I can pick up a good used 260 manifold, IMUK for a 300 and a girdle for around $400 total. A good used 300 mainfold is $400 plus the girdle!

    Am I correct on the older manifold will work. Just mounting the 300 map/temp sensor is an issue. The throttle body gaskets are the same! And I believe the riva / Wilson intake manifold is the same 260 or 300 they just have a modified place for the sensors.


    Shane Hill

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    I can get you a 300 manifold with griddle for $400 shipped ppg but I won’t be able to ship till Friday.

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