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    Wastegate actuator replacement

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and to PWCs. I have a 2003 F-12X and the actuator (not the selonoid) that opens and closes the wastegate has rusted off. I would like to replace it, but don't know where to get one. The dealer only sells the entire turbo with this part attached. Also, I have read a little about manual boost controllers. Will a manual boost controller eliminate the need for this part? Any help is really appreciated.
    Thank you----Wilson

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    hi Wilson,

    Welcome to the authority forum on Honda Performance.

    Yes, Your dealer is correct in the only part that Honda provides for the waste gate actuator is the complete turbo. ( bout a $1800-2200 option)

    However, all is not lost. you can replace the actuator by yourself. Or at least i have before.

    The Actuator is spot welded the the bracket it it a 7-8 PSI actuator like a lot of car units, a WRX Subaru would be close. You would have to bend the actuator rod and tig weld it to the proper length, Again it's a fix that can be done by the right people.

    If you stumble and need help send it to me and i will fix it.

    You want cost ? i wont know till i get it here. feel free to email me. I'm busy this is a spare time deal for me.

    again, welcome to the forum for Honda answers....


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    That's a great offer from nitro.

    This forum is the tech forum... pwctoday is really just one huge "general" forum.

    i like this actuator in the link below, because the arm length is adjustable.. for me that means mechanical overboost protection. For you that means just make the same length as stock.. maybe 1/4" shorter. Might have to modify the mounts a bit...your dealer won't touch it, so nitro's offer is a very good deal. wrx subaru uses ihi turbo and actuator similar to hondas.

    if you buy a new turbo, i might buy your old one.. eamil in my sig.

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