Does anyone have recommendations about which wakeboard boots (make, model) to use, for the purpose of flyboarding?

My old Hyperlites' lace loops are worn through (one actually broke) after 3 years of usage, so I figure I'd replace the whole boot(s). I've only ever used a lace system, so I have no experience with others (i.e., velcro straps, etc.), so these are basically what I'm asking about.

For anyone that has used other types, like velcro straps, does yours work well? How long did they last you? What about ease of use?

My largest complaint about the laces was that they could be difficult to tie while floating and bobbing up and down in waves sometimes (I usually swapped users directly from the jet ski, and not ashore).

Thank you for your inputs! I hope everyone is surviving the crisis. I'm looking forward to hitting the water soon!