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    Polaris Hurricane 700 torn drive shaft tube leaking water

    Hi, so I bought a 1997 polaris hurricane 700 with 30 original hours. It runs great. I don't know a thing about pwc's and like a dummy, I ran over the ski rope that was being used to pull a kneeboard. I decided to leave it in the water and work on getting the rope out the next day. Well I go out and see that the ski is halfway under water and sinking. So I pull it out empty all the water, then spend 3 hours cutting the rope out of the impeller. Once its all out, I go to start it but it wont. Turns out the engine is full of water. I removed the spark plugs and turned it over until all the water was out of the engine. I then put the spark plugs back in and it started up and runs good. But what I didnt realize was that there is a crack in the hull where the drive shaft comes in. Must have been from the rope impact. Also, I cut the black boot in the location where the drive shaft meets the hull. I was planning on finding a new boot for it, but I haven't been able to find one. I was planning on just taking it to a mechanic, but apparently no one in kansas city works on pwc's. Any help would be awesome. thanks

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    What do you plan to do with the crack in the hull?
    You can look up parts here;
    Type the number into e-bay.
    As a last effort, I think silicone hose would hold up. Figure out the size, find some on e-bay.

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    I’m not sure what you can do about it as you have the water leaks but simply getting the engine to start is not enough to dry it out. It needs to be run for some time to both expel all the water from the crankcase and warm the engine enough to fully dry, before the crank bearings rust.

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