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    No idea why that double posted. My browser had a bit of a brain fart. Also. Is it possible that when the top end was done the previous owners just did two cylinders and at the time the 3rd was okay so they didn't bother it?

    Also drained the tank and oh boy is that fuel lovely. Yellow and stinky. And from my siphon hose got covered in some black crap. And the fuel filter has got it in there also. So gonna change that out and fresh fuel. Not sure I can even clean out the tank? Two small holes aren't really easy to swap through. But my theory is this. This black crap is that what's possibly all over the pistons? Not carbon? It certainly feels like it could gum up rings its sticking to me like black paint.
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    If the previous owner was planning to sell it, he may have skimped on it. Who knows?

    To clean your tank, you'll have to siphon the old gas out. Remove the filler hose and the fuel pickup. Go to WalMart or similar and get a toilet cleaning brush and a gallon of lacquer thinner. I welded a flexible extension on the toilet cleaning brush so I could reach all corners of the tank.

    Pour about a quart of lacquer thinner in the tank, slosh it around, let it sit for half an hour. Run the brush in there and swish it around real good. Use a flashlight to inspect it. Add about 2 gallons of gasoline, then siphon it out. You have to add the gasoline because you can't siphon just a quart. Rinse, repeat until it's clean. When it's pretty clean, secure a clean rag to the brush (use tie-wraps for similar) and wipe it down. I've done this on 3 tanks. It's a royal pain in the ass, but it works. I probably spent about 6 hours on each tank.

    I use a good siphon:

    Here's the fuel pump that came out of my STX-15F:
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    So update, i checked and didn't see that much of the black stuff in there or in the lines. i believe the fuel filter may have done a good job of catching it as well, Now i know i should tear into those carbs just knowing what ive seen. Im just hesitant as ive never dealt with this style carb.

    Now after draining the nasty gas and changing the fuel filter I also decided to throw in some new plugs as they did look fouled, Gapped correctly and cranked it and once it pulled the fuel back through the filter and into the carbs this thing came alive in a whole different way. It sounded and revved like a completely different machine. the once or twice i hit the throttle was very snappy. it revved much quicker with alot more gusto. i can tell because the ski was visibly torquing against the trailer. and what i mean is the engines torque was trying to roll the ski. It didnt do that period before. it amazing the difference.

    Now i know its not good for it so i didn't run it much more than a few seconds to rev it once or twice and confirm its idle. And i know this means little to how it will be in the water under load etc. but i can tell from before its running leaps and bounds better. So Im thinking I may take it on some short easy rides this weekend. checking plug conditions periodically and see how they look as recommended. part of why i got new plugs so i could have a base line.

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    Well after some thought I'm gonna air on the side of caution and pull the carbs in the morning to have a look. See if any of that black stuff from the tank made it in there.

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    Alright Did a quick carb check today. and i wasnt able to get as indepth as id have liked seeing how i couldnt get the throttle cable off? i swear ive got no clue how that barrel connector comes off the linkage. But from what i got at which was the jets and needle and seat everything was quite clean to my surprise. Checked the oil injection and its looking good. saw oil coming into all the carbs as it should. heck the oil pump looks new. And the carb basket gasket was in great shape too, came right off no sticking or tearing so i just put it back in.

    I also confirmed the gas lines where clear. and nothing felt too brittle or too soft. and checking again this morning as it completely cold the lower cylinder still has 105psi.

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    God work all around

    And now for the snake oil because...

    You -might- have a sticky ring

    One tablespoon of marvel mystery oil into the low jug with the piston at TDC

    Let it sit 24 hours

    Then crank engine with plug out to eject any remains

    The install and plug and ride

    With some luck that cylinder might come up 5-10 psi if my assumption plays that perhaps the break in after the new top end wasn’t done correctly and/or a ring was not fully seated or perhaps a q/d ball hone was used

    Fouled plug results in excessive oil which can gum shit up not obvious when using a scope

    Good feedback often results in Good luck around here

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    Alright so update. I took it out and at first things were troubling. It fired right up no choke needed. however it wasn't really giving its all on top or bottom end I could feel it and hear it. So i was easing it on and off plane the all the sudden like you flipped a switch it and it took off great out of the hole and felt much better up on the top end. however i had set the trim too high as it would porpose with WOT unless you leaned forward pretty good.

    So after a bit of riding it that way i popped back onto the trailer. Checked plugs. Nothing alarming. looked decent to me. (will post some pics of them).
    what i did notice was the rear most cylinder the plug wire just popped right out of the boot. and a bit of the wire core fell out. Well i shoved it back in firm and confirmed spark. Possibly the issue with the power suddenly coming in? the rest of the day power stayed consistent.

    Also checked compression through out the day too. and all was well. 125 125 105 everytime i checked. kinda expected numbers to go up when hot? however this ski never did seem to get hot? it got warm. but nothing ( block, head, exhaust etc.) felt hot. just nice and warm.

    So i adjusted the trim manually to hold the nose down a bit more. and hit the water once more a bit more confident. and man let me tell you i beat on this thing. Pretty much WOT 80% of time. It has great holeshot (way better than my friends waveraider 700) and great power even in tight maneuvers. you could throw this ski all around it does great. Loves to jump too. heck you can get it hop out of the water just by gaping on it and leaning back. The top end felt good and pretty much through out the day it would run 6300-6500rpm wide open on plane. although kinda like it did when i first took it out occasionally it would be like a switch flipped and it run on up to 7000-7100 and hold as long as you held it wide open.

    Had a couple scares. Once i pretty much wide open and did a 180. im pretty sure my butt was holding on tighter to the seat then my hands to the bars. but it stayed upright just fine. the other scare was out of nowhere at slow speed i noticed it started to vibrate like a miss. Well i thought it just torched a piston for sure so i limped it on the trailer pulled it out and again. plugs looked good. no loss of Compression still the same. engine still just warm to the touch not hot. so i tested each cylinder and it would run on each one individually although the rear most one( the one with the wire issue) didnt start nearly as easy as the other 2. so i pushed the wire in firm and put that all together. Went and checked the shaft. felt good no play then i looked into the impeller. there was a small stick/twig that got in there, so i tried to fish it out and couldnt reach it. so i crawled under and lo and behold the ski has a R&D ride plate and Scoop intake grate. aftermarket correct? anyway i couldnt get at it that way either as my hand to big and too far in to grab with plies. it didnt look like that tough of a stick so i figured heck it would just spit it out right? so i went back into the water and forgot that darn orange power toggle key and by the time i realized i had floated away. so i hand paddled back and got it. then took back off. the vibration was there but rpms were still good so i rode it a bit and sure enough it smoothed out. so guessing it shot the stick out. and after that i beat on it more and it never came back. pulled and checked it all one last time. plugs good. compression still the same on all 3. engine still not hot just warm.

    So success?? im gonna recheck compression cold in a few. like i said will post picks of plugs through out the day in a bit. Also. that R&D plate and scoop intake. what is the purpose of that?

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    Yep, sounds like you found a bad spark plug wire. Pretty common on the Kawis. Remove the boots, trim the wire back half an inch IF you have that much slack, re-install the boots.

    I find the ZXi hull to be fun because you can spin it while going fast and still stay on. If you ever ride an Ultra 150, don't try it over about 30 MPH or you'll hurt yourself.

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    Alright so cold compression results are good. 125 125 105. ill try the marvel oil soon. although i would think if i had a stuck ring after todays thrashing it would have worked loose. I really did run this ski hard after i was confident it wasnt going to melt down on me.

    Im posting the plug pics. Ill try to have them in order from first check to last. and all these plus had more build up on one side more than the other. so they all honestly had about even coloration.

    Im starting to think i may have some ignition stuff to chase down. The way the power came in like a flip of a switch and how the top end would do the same thing like a switch would flip sometimes giving me 7000rpm out of the blue and sometimes not. Seems i should be getting around 7500rpm wide open? although i realize there a a few factors that would effect wot RPM. For one my spark while i believe to be consistent doesn't look all that strong. i mean in the dark it looks decent but you really gotta focus to see it in the day. Not sure what to chase down on that front. coils? does the stator effect quality of spark or simply give the spark signal? I figure im gonna do new plug wires as well.
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    This ski also has a TDR waterbox I just seen. How much did somebody modify this thing?
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