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    2008 Ultra 250x Lost All Power, Dies at 3000RPM

    Hi, I was riding my '08 Ultra 250x with a friend on his 250 and I was at maybe 45mph or so when all of a sudden my ski died in the water. I restarted the engine and tried to give it full throttle and it would rev up to 3000RPM and sound like it was in limp mode then would stutter and die. I emailed Steve at if any of you are familiar and he said it's possible that I blew my charger or oil is in the intercooler. I should mention that I got my ski serviced a few weeks ago and got the oil changed, the supercharger belt tightened, and the driveshaft and prop changed, but they overfilled the oil by a lot (see below, that was spraying out the breather filter on the catch can, so I rerouted the catch can outlet back to the stock location on the intake). I also have the Riva Intake, Exhaust (no waterbox yet), and got my ECU tuned by Torx Racing (I'm sure this wouldn't cause the problem that I'm having but I figured I would put it out there just in case it is). I hauled the ski out and got under and tried spinning the prop and it wouldn't spin so it didn't disconnect from the shaft and the shaft didn't disconnect from the crank, and it also does spin while the engine is running. I figured I would reach out here as well just in case anyone may know what my problem is. I'm taking the ski back to the dealer tomorrow morning.

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