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    2000 sea doo gtx millennium edition.

    Yesterday I picked up a gtx millennium edition. Red and black. I got it from a buddy of mine who was the original owner. He hasnít ridden the ski in years and just had it sitting around. The hull seems to be in excellent condition but thatís about all. The ski was running when it was parked however many years ago. Now the steering is seized up witch I am assuming is the cable. I have yet to even put a battery in. My plan is to replace the fuel and plugs and all the other normal tube up stuff. This is my first sea doo. All of my other skis have been kawis. Is there anything specific I should do on this? I know the kawis had issues with the oil lines getting brittle. Just wondering if there is any other preventative maintenance I should do before throwing this thing in the water? Also, what octane fuel is recommended and how bad of a job is the steering cable? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. And what type of performance should I see out of this? Thanks all!

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    We had a steering cable lock up on our old GTX. It just took a sharp hit from the palm of my hand, to the end of the handlebar, to break it loose. Both of our GTX D.I.s died @ almost exactly 300 hours. If you are anywhere near that you need a complete rebuild. I've been told the top end is supposed to be done every 100 hours. We loved those machines.

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    Put in a battery and check things out. 150-200 hours a 951 top end is worn slap out. If it's in that range, just pull it out for complete teardown and inspection. some's below 150 hours just let me know and I can direct you from there.

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