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Good Evening Martin. I have the same issues. I have a 2013 RXP260. It all started with my stock IBR starting to go south. I had same similar issues. IBR would get stuck in reverse position and would not go past that.

I went a replaced the IBR with a brand new one $1000 dollars and installed it. Took it to a local shop, plugged in B.U.D.S, updated and programmed new IBR to ECU. Everything was great and back on my way home.

When i arrived, i decided to do a flush, i started my ski and BOOM IBR light came back on. I was losing my mind. I changed fuses, checked wire harness from end to end.

So what do we have already checked

1. IBR Module (replaced): DONE
2. IBR reprogrammed and cleared fault codes: DONE
3. Wire Harness Inspection: DONE
4. Replaced all Fuses: DONE
5. IBR Plug Check for corrosion (perfect condition): DONE
6. IBR Gate Friction Sleeves (replaced): DONE

I am not sure what else i need to do other than replace ECU and Wire Harness.

If anyone reading this finds some light into getting this corrected once and for all, please let all of us know.
Wow..... not cool. I sold my 2013 GTR215 to a good friend a few months back. I never had trouble with the ski, but of course on his second ride on it..... the IBR failed and it went into limp mode. Figures right? He looked into fuse fitment and it looked and felt good. Then looked at the IBR actuator plug and it looks good. It works fine unless you actuate the IBR at high speed, then it faults out. We were thinking that its time for a new actuator but after reading your post who knows.

Please update if you find a solution.

Blessings.... Dave