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    Sealent recommendation for Ride Plate?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering what sealant y'all recommend for the ride plate?
    I recently used rubber flexx without much success it seems the sealant is coming out after the first ride.

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    Any marine grade 100% silicone will work. The Right Stuff is also excellent but it's more expensive. Also, the plate only needs to be sealed where it meets the jet pump as this is where air can be drawn in.

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    Seal ride plate along front edge, full width, and where it meets the intake grate.
    Also at least part way down each side of the ride plate.

    The idea is to eliminate all possible sources of air leaks, so the jet pump suction duing hard acceleration cannot draw in air bubbles from anywhere behind the jet pump inlet.

    3M 5200 is too strong, the bond can damage the hull material next time you want to remove the ride plate. Might even bend the ride plate.
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    Perfect, Thanks all!

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