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    So basically the engine could be used as a boat anchor. I checked plugs and they didn't look good so i opened up one of the heads and its all corroded inside solid. Pretty devoed to say the least. Also what iv realised is the jet bolts where not torqued up and the shaft inspection plate was not bolted down so it has been accessed before, the guy also said the spark plug looked good when he took one out so the whole it was working last time was never the case. I don't understand why people just cant be honest and think its ok to do this type of thing. Any way it was my silly fault for not jigging on i guess. Is the engine salvageable and worth trying to pull it all down and rebuild it or would it be more trouble then its worth? TIA
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    Ha, any engine is salvageable, scroll WAY back through my facebook page. I've put back together a 4tec that was sunk in saltwater and left to sit a couple years, to an Ultra150 engine that was split in half by a busted rod! Where there's a will....there's a way!

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