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    Quote Originally Posted by Peteysparks View Post
    Did you pressure test the carbs once on the rack and ready to install? Itís the same way you test for pop off. About 35psi and see if it holds. Everyone always recommends only genuine Mikuni kits. Sounds like you have other issues as well. There shouldnít be any issues with starting. I havenít needed the choke since rebuilding the carbs. There are aftermarket kits that are good. I canít remember which ones. I just did the mod to my 1200PV and just had to dial down the low speed adjustments. Just under a 1/4 turn in. Takes off like a rocket from about 4000 rpmís it was just a little sluggish on the low end and I smelled a little raw gas. Hopefully, the change works. It already sounds crisper and more responsive running in the hose.
    I did not pressure test the carbs but I was just reading about that. So apparently I just plug the inlet and then pump up the other one?

    The test is just to verify integrity of the gaskets?

    I bought cheap carb kits (Jet Ski Plus). The upshot is my order history says I did buy mikuni needles and seats. The pop off tests went really well, so I suspect that part of the carbs is good.

    I'm anxious to tear these carbs back apart. Who know what I will find. I hope there's a smoking gun in there somewhere.

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    I’m very meticulous when it comes to carb rebuilding. Keeping surfaces and parts clean and flushed before reassembly is something I work hard on. Yes, making sure you have no leaks is why I test. Look over the fuel pump valves. It’s really easy to mess one up while installing the rubber grommet. It’s always good to have a couple extra on hand. Inspect them carefully. You can tell the N/S are Mikuni by the logo stamp. Sometimes they come in a wsm package but are genuine.

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    I want to offer my sincere thanks to the members here. Several of you have posted and a couple of you have even spoken to me on the phone. It has been helpful to talk through.I have the carb rack on the bench. Tonight I plan to meticulously disassemble and see if I can find any smoking guns in the carbs.I'll let you guys know what I find.

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    No smoking guns found in the carbs. Triple checked everything and it all looks good.

    What is the next probable culprit?

    Air leak?

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    Posted on your other thread about your high side screws. I think your carb bodies are mashed in by hitting the OEM screws by mistake while drilling them out. Would cause all your problems you are stating....ask me how I know! Lol. Bad thing is. ..if they are, you cannot tell by looking in the hole. Your screws either seat correctly, or they do not. If they do not, and you have verified they are the correct screws, you will need a new set of carbs. Good luck with it and keep us posted. Hitting the screws while drilling the cap is a very easy thing to do, it takes alot of finesse to get the cap out while leaving the screw unmolested. IIRC the high screw (OEM) is stainless, so if you hit it you won't know, as the bit will not usually leave a mark on the screw.

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    I definitely hit them when I was drilling them, there's no doubt about that.

    What physically moves inside the carb? There's no fixing them? Is there any way to verify that I have indeed moved them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterbean_29512 View Post
    Your screws either seat correctly, or they do not. If they do not, and you have verified they are the correct screws, you will need a new set of carbs.
    What do you mean by "seat correctly"?

    The factory adjusters seem to bottom out just fine, but I have no way of knowing for sure. How do you verify they are seating correctly?

    How much might I expect to pay for a new set of carbs?

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    I posted a similar reply in my other thread, but here are some quick updates:

    I have removed all t-handles and sent them back to JetWorks for them to verify if there is anything wrong with them.

    I have purchased a rack of used GP1200R carbs off eBay. They already have t-handles installed, the chokes have been removed, and the accel pump has been removed. I'm hoping to find some 1.5 N/S, 95g springs, 125 mains, and 110 lows inside!

    I am also performing a pressure test on the engine tonight to see if I have any errant leaks. Here's to hoping!

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    I was tinkering with my carbs a little more tonight and found something.

    Could a clogged return jet be causing my issues?

    It was almost completely clogged (if not completely) so I cleaned it out and put it back on.

    Before I go to all the trouble of putting it back together, I thought I'd ask if that would cause my symptoms or should I keep looking?

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    Guys I started it up on the trailer and it's running better but not great. Now it's backfiring out the exhaust every few seconds. Ideas?

    I really need help. I'm losing my mind over this ski.

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