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    260 RXT IS issues

    Bought a 2011 RXT. Knew it had some issues. Maybe not this many

    Here is what I found:

    - melted exhaust- the silencer and the muffler cradles/supports

    - trace of water in my oil, not sure if its from potentially sinking because of exhaust or related to other things

    - rear cylinder is getting water in it - same comment as above. I have not taken off any of the intake hoses yet to see if I see any moisture in the intake system

    - compression was about 137, 137, 132 front to back (after I vacuumed out the rear cyl)

    - suspecting maybe head gasket but not sure if it could be something with supercharger (not sure how the oil and water could mix there)

    - maybe oil cooler leak factors into above? Heard it's common on these

    I have not done a leak down yet (don't have the tools yet), but wonder what others have experienced.

    Also, can the head be pulled without pulling the motor?



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    You should have come to the forum before buying........

    Anyway, a melted exhaust is normally sunken ski as itís below the waterline. It can only melt if the cooling lines were blocked (check this also). That would explain your water.

    Change the oil and plugs and first see if you get this thing running, go from there.

    And buy yourself a shop manual!

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    Yup, did that and it runs no problem. But still a little water in rear cylinder. Going to pull all intake hoses to see if water still there.

    Checked the lines too and they are not blocked (probably were before). Going to delete the plastic resonator on this and the other 260 i have just because it makes no sense that a ski sinks on overheat - such a bad design.

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    Put a bottle under the overflow hose of the cooling reservoir.
    When exhaust is fixed run it on the trailer on a ramp for a while (to protect the driveshaft carbon seal).

    Hope you stay free of electronic gremlins

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    Maybe a stupid question but what am I looking for in the bottle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsdirect View Post
    Maybe a stupid question but what am I looking for in the bottle?
    Coolant could spill if the head gasket is shot.
    Other indication is black particles in the coolant.
    However normally a leak presents itself at the higher rpm range.

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    Did a leakdown test on the engine and found no issues. I pressure tested the closed loop cooling, no issues found.

    I did pressure test the intercooler and found a leak. Doesn't seem large enough to get what I what seeing in cylinders but I don't know enough to know. Will repair/replace regardless of course.

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    So replaced leaking intercooler and burnt exhaust parts, pulled off and drained/drying intake and all seems good. On first test run it ran great on water for five mins then started stumbling. Changed plugs (one plug was cooler then the other two so assuming that was the fouled culprit) and it runs fine now after about 30-40 mins of testing.

    Now for my other RXT that is getting water in oil and oil in bilge...grrr.

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