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    1999 polaris slth 700 wont go past 3500 rpms

    I bought a polaris 700 slth the other day, it had no fire so i put a new battery in it and i had fire, and it started!
    so i hooked it up to water and it wouldnt exceed 3500 rpms, so i thought that it wouldnt rev because it wasnt under pressure,
    i went and put it in the pond and same thing,
    it has the upgraded ignition kit, it starts bogging and back firing around 3500 rpms
    brand new battery
    new plugs
    checked the carbs, they seem fine
    check the reeds, they were fine
    check the wiring, all seemed good to me
    check the stator, it looked good
    adjusted the timing, looked like it was off a little bit
    130 psi on both sides and also runs on both cylinders with one cap off

    can anyone help? Been picking at it for a few days now, and cant figure it out! Thanks

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    Welcome to Greenhulk.
    What did you set timing to ?

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    I assume the ignition update kit came with a CDI? Where did you get the kit from?

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