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    RXT Elextronics not shutting off

    2009 RXT 215. Ski was working fine. Today I went to start it, ran fine, and shut it down. When I removed the key I noticed all the electronics were still on AND I could start the engine still without the key in. The only way to get the electronics to turn off is the disconnect battery or unplug the DESS switch under the hood. Any ideas ?

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    Chances are bad DESS switch, you can verify by unplugging it and ohming it.

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    I am also getting 4 short beeps after the initial 2 beeps, which I never got before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArvRxt View Post
    I am also getting 4 short beeps after the initial 2 beeps, which I never got before.
    Yep, sounds like a Dess post issue.

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    I ordered a new Dess post and start/stop switch. Figured I’d replace that also while I have everything apart. Hoping the new post fixing the issue.

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    Well I installed the new DESS post and now I have NO power at all. Going to take it in tomorrow to get checked out ��

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